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The Hub will be the main discussions and development tracker for GameDevWiki. The Hub page outlines overall progression. The discussion page for the Hub contains actual conversations, suggestions, and such.

Warning! This page is currently protected so that only administrators can edit it. Please use the Discussion tab at the top to contribute to the development and discussion of GameDevWiki.

Completed Projects

  • YouTube/HTML5 video embedding
  • Portal template
  • Logo


  • Image tiles - Make more topics image-centric with CSS text overlaying with the name of the topic.
  • General structure - There are MANY ways to take it, and it's important to build a good foundation early on that can scale.
  • Main page
  • Development portals
  • Audio embedding
  • SEO

Approved, not started

  • Tropes page
  • Design portals
  • Engine portals
  • Free assets page
  • Analytics
  • Captcha on edit

Awaiting approval

  • None - suggest stuff in the discussions!


GDW All pages


GDW Mobile CSS

GDW sidebar