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Welcome to the Game Development Wiki! GDW is a community-maintained wiki intended to aid in the understanding of the art of video game development for players and developers anywhere on the spectrum. This means all platforms, all levels of skill, and all specialties of work are welcome to learn and contribute here. GameDevWiki is for artists, programmers, music producers, animators, modellers, and more. If you're fascinated by the art of game design and development, GameDevWiki is for you. To read more, see About:GameDevWiki. Below are some popular main topics.


   Main article: Development Portal


   Main article: Design Portal


Learning and inspiration[edit]

   Main article: Learning & Inspiration Portal



  • The art of Game Design
  • A Theory of Fun
  • Designing Virtual Worlds


  • Dungeons and Dreamers
  • Jacked
  • Masters of Doom


Online reading[edit]

Source code[edit]


Noteworthy game developers include:

  • John Carmack
  • John Romero
  • Richard Gariott
  • Jon Van Canaghem


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